Sometimes I sneak out of the house wlk to my school and weewee on the school then it smelly.
HehHeh school go all smelly
1. Urine
2. Infantile for a penis, typically
that of a canine.
Johnny-boy, don't touch that doggie's wee-wee.
by johnny-boy March 28, 2005
Faithful accomplice and aide to Poo-poo Magee, the Irish-American superhero, often outsmarts her partner! Face resembles this :->
Poo-poo Magee: "Let's to this!"
Wee Wee: "Nuh-uh! Let's do THAT!"
Poo-poo Magee: "Tuché, Wee Wee, tuché..."
by Poo-poo Magee June 02, 2006
noun: The typical description of a long-term babysitter who loves to get marshmallows toasted. It can also commonly be used when referring to a person(typically female)who asks the question, "Yeah can you toast my marshmallow?"
When the blonde girl discovered that she was being called Wee Wee all over campus, she turned to the sky and said, "Really...Voom?!?!"
by mhunkele July 10, 2008
asain girls having sex
oh wee wee
by jesley December 15, 2003
A special kind of kiss, involving placing your lips against another's cheeck while verbally repeating the words "wee-wee-wee-wee..." This form of affection is usually reserved for those who you would esteem to be wee.
That does it, you're too wee. I'm going to have to wee-wee you! "wee-wee-wee-wee..."
by Mr. Wee Wee August 15, 2005
1) Usually a very small penis. About the size of a nickle if you will.
2) Or the word little kids use when the have have to take a wiz, a little squat, or if you would like to call whip it out!
Boy: Look! I'm hung like a horse!
Younger boy: Momma! look at my wee wee!
Mom: Oh son! where am I looking?
by 12345678910 SUCK IT! June 20, 2016
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