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A small aquatic insect that lives in fresh wagteeeer ponds, brackish water, and swimming pools. They have 2 arms which work as oars to hlp propel the wee beastie forward. There real name is "water boatmen" or "backswimmers". They are so neat!
Dude, I caught hella sexy wee beasties.
by Rosta Hellxa September 29, 2006
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1. A rookie in a High-school band who has a terrible attitude, and who is on everyone's shit-list after the first day of Marching Camp.

2. A small child, little kid, whom you cannot stand
1. "Let's beat the shit out of that Wee-Beasty."

2. "That little fucker is a Wee-Beasty!"

by The Mexican's Friend December 06, 2006
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