Wednesday night is consider to be pity night for dating
You're going on a date with her?! She is busted! We are doing a Wednesday dinner, my weekend is clear.
by J Lids March 31, 2010
A person of asian decent. Much like a monday or tuesday (slng for black people and lations, respectively).
Damnit! Do you think that wednesday can get the hell out of the way?!?!?!
by HarveyTarvey February 17, 2008
A slang term for people of Black or African descent. Derived from the large amount of television sitcoms targeted towards the Black community airing on Wednesday night. Can be used as an adjective to describe things of or relating to wednesdays.
"There were so many wednesdays at that party last night." "'The Color Purple' is so wednesday."
by Damien&Ramien August 20, 2008
a slang term refering to ones anal walls
Goddamn moo cake!, my wednesday is really burning today!
by Joe Facker October 08, 2003
The day that american fathers rape their japanese sons.
Uh-oh.......its wednesday again......
by jack bronson December 03, 2004
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