a slang term refering to ones anal walls
Goddamn moo cake!, my wednesday is really burning today!
by Joe Facker October 08, 2003
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The day after Tuesday and before Thursday
What day is tomorrow?

by Tim February 05, 2005
the day of the week when EVERYTHING happens.
only on wednesday...
by Black Button August 07, 2008
Verb: The act of smoking marijuana before school (often on a late start) at the house of the local burnout. The process usually involves eating large quatities of junk food and smoking a shit-ton of weed.

Ryan: Yo, we're gonna wednesday at Dumbass's house, you in?

Noah: Hell yeah, I just bought an eighth.

Ryan: Damn straight, this wednesday sesh is goin downnn.


Francisco: Yo, you gonna make it to the sesh before school this Wednesday?

Darrien: Nah man, I can't, I have shit to do before school. Let's Wednesday next week.
by sk8rman02 March 01, 2011
Discretely used to describe a sexual activity that suggests humping without using the actual word. Wednesdays have long been known by workers as hump day.
Two male office workers were chatting when an attractive woman walked by. One turned to the other and said 'Man, I'd like to Wednesday that.'
by Office worker August 12, 2012
the best day of the week to fuck!
olivia- hey what are you doing tonight?

kelsey- idk what day is it?

olivia- its Wednesday

kelsey- ooooohhhh girl you know what im doing tonight ;)
by biteme1 November 03, 2011
Often known in the Christian religion as Sunday's understudy. A generally normal day. Often called Hump Day, because of it's location in the middle of the week, and by the time Wednesday is done, the week is on a down hill roll.
Wednesday's aren't so bad, they are just to much in the middle of things.
by Jakabones August 12, 2006
Wednesday is Hump Day!

Wednesday is a day that comes after Tuesday and before Thursday in the calender, it is also known as hump day in the world of work because a work week is 5 days long, and Wednesday is the middle of the week or the peak of the hump, after Wednesday has ended, its closer to the weekend and the end of the working week.
Sarah: *Tuesday* Hey what day is it tomorrow?
Alice: Its Wednesday tomorrow.

Matt: *Tuesday* Dude, I cant wait for Saturday, its going to be so hype!
Jerry: No we can't get excited over this until after hump day.
by bubbleandsqueek January 11, 2014

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