when someone grabs the waistband of your tighty-whities and lifts up, wedging the tighty-whities in between your butcheeks
Yesterday, my friend James gave me a wedgie and lifted up off the ground a little.
by wedgie reciver December 04, 2005
a wedgie is when somone grabs the weiestband of ur underwear and lifts it up in the air. Examples are hanging, atomic and melvin wedgie. Note: To avoid wedgies... Wear Boxers! Bullys wont get u if u wear boxers.. maybe ur friend will for a joke though. if u dont like boxers and still like briefs... WEAR BOXER BREIFS!!! if u dont like the feeling of boxers like me. switch to boxer briefs... they'll think its boxers so u wont get wedgied and they feel like briefs. u can do wat i do. wear briiefs on weekendsa nd boxer breifs at school
Last yeaar when i was in 7th grade. i went over my friend Chaud's house. His parents had left and said they would be back in like an hour or so. So that meant it was just me, chaud and his older bro who was 16. About 10 minutes after his parents left. Chaud had said brb. I was standing in his room waiting for himt o come back. Chaud had came back in the room, snuck up behbind me and pansted me... Hs older bro just runs in the room. knocks me over, and slides my jeans right off..There i was just standin there.. in my tighty whiteys, shirt and socks. *mom made us take off shoes* Chaud had said 'wanna fly' i said 'wat u mean' he then grabbed my tighty whiteys and lifted me up in the air then had placed me on a door hook in his room. He mde me hang there for 10 minutes just laughing. Then he said... he'll let me down if i let him and his bro balltap me 2xs each. Since we were only 12. we werent realy developed so i agreeed. He said i had to call myself a lil fag so i did. ' i said 'ima lil fag' he balltapped me 2 times. His bro balltapped me and hung on me so my underweawr was wayyyyyyyy up in my but. They finally let me down. I fixed my tighty whiteys and had asked for my pants back. They said they woould give them to me later. i said watever since it was only my friend chaud. he was a guy 2 so it didnt matter. I then grabbed his underwera and lifteed him up but he then balltapped me again and i fell. He then gave me an attomic wedgie! my underwera still didnt rip!!!! my underwear was at my neck... i was abt to cry he said ur fine. and let go. i fixed it and he let me wedgie him. i didnt get my pants back until his parents went into the driveway th9ough....now evertime i go over his house he gives me a wedgie. and laguhs at me for wearing tighty whiteys
by psedunym November 23, 2008
The exscruciating pain between the butt cheeks when underwear is pulled in a upward postion.
That bullie gave me a serious wedgie.
by corey10 November 05, 2005
wedgie are when some on come and pulls are boxers as high as they can
when i was going to my nan's house i went to see my cos(he is 18 and live next door)i was going staying at my nans, but i stayed up late the day befor,so i was tiered, so i when for a nap in my cas room, when he saw me asleep he tied my leg to one side of the bed and my hand to the other, when i wark up, i saw i was tied and called for help, no one was there, when he here me he came upsteirs and gagged me with a sock and got two belt a looped them arpond the leg holes in my boxers, pulled relly hard and tied the belt other side of the belt with my hands cand coved me with a blankit, he told m nan that i was stiying over his house( i was oing to stay over the summer and 3 month over my nans). Every day he wound of fend me lot of water so i wet my self and one sosage,every hour he wourd of pulled hared on the belt and tied them again, for three week i was like that, then he tack all my close and made me were his very big boxers (and i mean they where big)but i told him no, so he noked me out and did it,tied me up agian the same way but the wedgie turd in to a atomic wedgie, he gave me more warter so i pissed my self more and shit my self more i was lke this for 6 week ='(
now every time i sleep over my nan's of the week end he dose the same in a day of what he did in the 9 week but less pain form the wedgie so he kick me in the balls, and i am going aver tomorrow!!!!!!
by i hate my cos November 27, 2008
When someone pulls up your underpants halfway up your back. Often done to nerds, dorks, geeks, rich kids, preps, freshmen, weak kids, and occasionally to storng people when done in a group.
I love giving myself wedgies. Briefs are comfortable always even in a wedgie.
by Briefboy September 20, 2008
When someone (usually a bully) selects a victim and pulls their underwear up from behind with great force, resulting in pain to the rear end and humiliating the victim. Many variants exist, though the basic form is grabbing the waistband of the victims underwear from behind and pulling them upwards.
In high school I received many wedgies from this popular kid a grade above me. He would usually hold me in the air and bounce me by my tighty whities until I cried. Often cornering me when I walked into the bathroom, he has given me wedgies so painful I wet my pants. This happened five times freshman year and basically destroyed my social life. Wedgied suck!!!
by Rappunk799 March 31, 2015
A form of punishment carried out by bullies on other kids for being weak, annoying, a loser, nerd, geek, or freshmen. Comes in many painful variations, but all with the same purpose: pain and humiliation to the victim!
When I was 13 these bullies cornered me in the locker room. I tried to run away but they grabbed me and stripped me to my tighty whities. They grabbed my waistband and yanked, giving me a huge wedgie!! All the other boys cheered as the bullies hoisted me into the air and hung me on a hook by my briefs, causing extreme pain to my buttcrack. Then everyone in the locker room hit me in the balls 50 times each. They left and I hung there for 80 minutes!! That was a very painful wedgie.
by Wedgievictim March 03, 2012
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