when a persons underwear is pulled just about as far as it will go.
im a bit of a nerd so im not suprised this happened to me but anyway when i started high school everybody thought it would be funny for everybody to give me all the wedgies that they could think of every day of the week and this 1 time my parents went away for 2 weeks and left me on my own and only my best friend knew this (she was my only friend aswell) and the school bully found out that there was somthing i wasnt telling him so he decided that he wanted to find out and he realised that the best way to do this was through my friend so he threatened her and she blurted it out. so now he knew that there was no parents around for 2 weeks so he decided to hang me to the flag pole and he superglued my hands to 2 bags full of water and fed me 1 sausage and loads of water every hour so i was shitting and pissing myself like 10 times a minute. anyways i stayed up there every day with people constntly taking photos and the only time that they let me down (apart from to feed me) was when they decided that they wanted to use someone as a punchbag (me) so i was up there for 2 weeks and 10 hours just hanging by my underwear (and they didnt break either) and when i did finally get down after my parents got back the first thing i recieved when i was back in school was my head down the toilet and my but is still sore from the wedgie hanging and now even the mega-nerds give me wedgies and its soooooooo depressing :(
by demz123 August 17, 2009
when someone grabs either the front of your underwear or the back and pulls up as high as they can go
True Story

I was walking home from school and and the three school bullies jumped me. they tied my hands behind my back blindfolded me and made me walk to some place i still dont know of. they untied my hands and gave me a hanging wedgie. they took off the blindfold and started laughing at me. they made me call my parents and say that i was staying over at my friends for 1 or 2 days. one of them pulled my legs down as far as they could go and they each took turns punching and kicking me in the balls for about 5 minutes each. they then took me down still in a wedgie and tied my hands together. the main bully gave me a superman wedgie and flew me into the bathroom. they gave me a swirly for 30 seconds while still in the wedgie put me in a hanging wedgie for a minute, then gave me another swirly for a minute. they then took me to the closet, and there was a hook on both sides. they put the front of my underwear on one hook and the back on the other hook. they then put duct tape over my mouth and left me there for about 3 hours. they came back fed me rotten food, and then made me drink 3L of water. they then took me down blindfoled me and put me on a flagpole in the school. i had to wait until someone came to get me down. i was in a wedgie for a total of 37 hours.
by anomuss January 02, 2012
A wedgie occurs when a person's underwear or other garments are wedged between the buttocks. While a wedgie can be created naturally, the term is usually associated with a prank or as a form of bullying. When a person is on the receiving end of a wedgie, his or her underwear is forcibly pulled up by a second person.

Wedgies are commonly featured in popular works, either as a form of low comedy or as a behaviour representative of bullying. In such works, briefs are usually the type of underpants that a wedgie is performed upon
The other day me and my older sister were home alone. My parents were out of town so she was forced to babysit me. When I fell asleep she woke me up by dragging me out of my bed by my tighty whities. She then gave me an atomic melvin that completly crushed my balls. Then she made me put on one of her g strings which had icy hot all on the inside. Then she gave me a hanging melvin wedgie untill it broke. She was so pissed it broke she handcuffed me and put me in one of her dirty thongs. She then gave me such a bad wedgie and ductaped it up to my neck. Then she got a brush and beat the shit out of my ass and balls and took pics the whole time!

She finally let me go but had invited her friends over. There was about 4 girls in total. They gave me so many wedgies like squeky cleans, nature wedgies, messy wedgies, and more hanging melvins. The worst was when they put me in a thong and put a diaper over it. Then the gave me a hanging wedgie. They even made me sleep like that until sunday. Then they continued to wedgie me untill Monday morning when my parents came home. They said they would do this everytime my parents left wich was almost every other weekend! Im so glad my nuts didnt fall off!
by wedgieslave01 February 23, 2011
When performed on a male, the effect may be that they will not be able to have children, and their asses will have scars.
Over school vacation, my friend and I were invited to a party on an island with all of the seniors. We being freshman, thought this would be cool. So we went out by boat, no adults, to this island. When we got to the island, they brought us into a cabin. They told us to strip to our underwear. (About 3 guys were there) We got nervous, and said no. They tackled us down and ripped off our clothes. We were both standing in white briefs. One of them grabbed the back of my underwear. He pulled as hard as he possibly could. I screamed, and could hear my friend crying, for they atomic wedgied him. They did the same to me. They carried us outside, and up tall trees. They hung us there. Then, they picked me for their, "smash the frshman's tiny balls" party. They used fists, boots, and a baseball bat. The pain was so extreme I crapped myself twice. It was the worst thing ever.
by deadite3333 February 16, 2009
Were underwear is yanked up the butt crack by the waist band.
Me and my friends were playing truth or dare. I chose dare and if you forefitted you got 5 kicks in the balls. I was dared to be given a wedgie and my friend gave it and ripped my white american eagle's front and back. My butt was in pain then he still kicked me in the balls.
by Master876 January 01, 2015
a wedgie is where a a kids underwear such as boxers, boxer briefs and briefs are lifted up and lifted up ontop of their head. note: briefs hurt the most =( WEAR BOXER BRIEFS!!!! u will not get picked on and they dont hurt in wedgies.... boxers hurt!!!!!!
Last year in 7th grade i went over my friends house. His parents left... to get some things. so it was just me and chaud.. Chaud said 'hey, u wanna fly' i said ' what do u mean' and he then pansted me.. revealing my tighty whiteys... His older brother came and and took my pants off and ran away with them. then Chaud took my tighty whiteys and lifted them up and gave me a huge flying wedgie. He then put me on a hook in his room and hung ther efor 10 minutes... I had to beg for my pants back and i was to let chaud and his bro ball tap me 2 times each to get my pants back..Chaud never told anyone and hes still my best friend and ill get revenge I was up in the air!
by psudonm November 23, 2008
a wedgie is where ones underwear is pulled up from the back therefore jamming the underwear up the victims ass

often performed on nerds who wear tighty-whiteys(like me!!) by cool people who wear boxers
this story is 100% true no mattter what.

i am a 15 year old boy whos mum wont let me wear boxers she says that i will always have to wear tighty-whiteys coz they r better for giving wedgies and i keep arguing but every time i argue she just calls my older brother ill call him micheal to come and 'deal' with me, by deal with me she means torture him until u seem fit to stop and with my brother that never comes around so today my mum to ld him to deal with me and first he stripped me down to my underwear and then he said brb and he came back with bags full of food (mainly messy liquidy foods) and some duct tape and before i knew it i had my mouth taped shut and my arms and legs tied up and then he put loads of whipped cream and jelly down my pants and then he gave me an atomic wedgie and after about 2 hours he unhooked the atomic wedgie and gave me a hanging wedgie from the hook on the back of my door and then he took the duct tape off of my mouth and gave me loads of water b4 putting the duct tape back on my mouth and then he took me down and gave me a north, south, east and west wedgie as far up as my underwear would go he then got a belt and put it on 3 holes too tight around the wedgie and said that if the wedgie wasnt there in the morning that would be nice compared to what he would do next and with that he took the key to my bedroom door and locked me in and i had drunk loads of water and i wasnt allowed to go to the bathroom so i had to piss myself all night long:(
by micheal99 September 03, 2009

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