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Classic wedgie- When somebody grabs a nerds breifs or tighty-whities and yanks them with heavy force.

Atomic wedgie- When the underwear's waist band is pulled up over the victims head and onto the nerds forehead

Nuclear wedgie- when the underwear is pulled over the victims head but not over

Ripper wedgie- When the underwear is ripped

hanging wedgie- When the victim is hung by his underwear and lifted off the ground.

sky high wedgie- when the victim is ung on a very high object such as a flag pole or a tall tree

superman wedgie- when the wictim is flown around by their underwear

melvin/mervin- when the underwear is pulled up from the front.

ive gotten all of these wedgies in the past ouch!!!
by wedgied September 28, 2008
34 8
A childhood prank where one person sneaks up on another, and grabs and pulls up on the whitey tightys, causing pain in the buttcks
"God that wedgie hurt!"
by Marc W June 11, 2005
129 106
when you grab someones underwear and pull up
Once in the summer we were hanging out a the ABC field and some seniors challanged us to a basketball game. There were 6 of us and 9 of them. We just lost and my friend RJ got them really pissed off. Then they gave him a wedgie from the basketball hoop. It was about 8 feet of the ground. He was wearing boxer briefs so they only stretched about 2 feet. He was still about then 5 feet off of the ground. It was so funny. Then they took him off and gave him an atomic wedgie. We couldn't get it off of his head so he walked around with us for 3 hours through Ridley Park until we finally got it off. We said that if he was ever rude to us we would give him another wedgie and wouldn't help him. That day was so funny.
by Johney May 22, 2008
27 6
a wedgie is a classic prank. aperson comes up behind a person wearing tighty whities and pulls up on the elastic band as hard as the giver can. wedgies are mainly given to males who wear tighty whities and can be done t wearers of boxers. there are many types of wedgies. when the underwear is pulled over the victims head and rests on the forhead is called an atomic wedgie. this one is usually done by two people pulling both sides of the underwear up called a mervin. when the victim is lifted up by his tighty whities and hung on something high so the victim is not touching the ground is called a hanging wedgie. the lifting of the front of the tighty whities and curshing the balls of the victim is called a melvin.
The most common place to find wedgies are in high school locker rooms
by craig 159 December 27, 2007
40 20
When the back of your underwear is pulled up with great force.
One time i was sleeping over in my friends house. We were playing truth or dare and i picked dare.He dared me to let him give me every kind of wedgie coz if i said no i got kicked in the balls and had to drink his cum. He started off with a normal wedgie and that wasn't that bad. Then he gave me a jock lock wedgie. It wasn't 2 bad but then he started tickling me so i was squirming. Then he gave me a messy wedgie with toothpaste, whipped cream and spit. It was gross. Then i had to go home in the messy wedgie and get all my tighty whiteys (this was wen i still wore them). He gave me a ripper wedgie and that was really painful. Then i got a sky high wedgie which was really painful coz my ass was still sore from the ripper. Then i got a propeller wedgie. He tightened it so tight my ass started bleeding. Then i got a melvin, then a mervin and then an north, south, east, west wedgie. Then he gave me a break. I went into the bathroom to look at my ass in the mirror when he grabbed me and gave me a swirlie. Then i got a hanging wedgie. I fell asleep in it so he woke me up by hitting me in the balls. It was sooooo painful. He left me in the hanging wedgie for 3 hours. then i fell asleep again nd when i woke up i had pissed myself and was on the bone so my friend started taking pictures. He gave me an atomic wedgie when i woke up. Then for the last wedgie he made me take off all my clothes except my pee stained tighty whiteys and hung me from a tree in his front garden. It was so embarrassing and painful.
The next week he sleptover in my house so i dared him to get every wedgie. It was great. First i gave him a sky high ripper. Then i gave him a messy wedgie with shaving cream. Then he got a hanging wedgie. I left him there for 4 hours while taking pictures, feeding him and giving him water. He pissed and shit himself. For the last wedgie i brought him to the park(this was in the morning) and hung him off a tree for the whole day until 10 o clock. Just to extra get back at him i kicked him in the balls when he slept and ripped all his boxers so he only had tighty whiteys. The next day in gym i got everyone to give him a hanging wedgie and spit in it.
by Asspainandsoreballs February 26, 2009
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pulling someones underwear up their ass
one time 2 of my friends were at my house and one went to the toliet and me and the other one was talking.we were so busy talking that the other one came up and gave me the biggest wedgie ever in my red briefs
by wedgie man August 10, 2007
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when someone grabs either the front of your underwear or the back and pulls up as high as they can go
True Story

I was walking home from school and and the three school bullies jumped me. they tied my hands behind my back blindfolded me and made me walk to some place i still dont know of. they untied my hands and gave me a hanging wedgie. they took off the blindfold and started laughing at me. they made me call my parents and say that i was staying over at my friends for 1 or 2 days. one of them pulled my legs down as far as they could go and they each took turns punching and kicking me in the balls for about 5 minutes each. they then took me down still in a wedgie and tied my hands together. the main bully gave me a superman wedgie and flew me into the bathroom. they gave me a swirly for 30 seconds while still in the wedgie put me in a hanging wedgie for a minute, then gave me another swirly for a minute. they then took me to the closet, and there was a hook on both sides. they put the front of my underwear on one hook and the back on the other hook. they then put duct tape over my mouth and left me there for about 3 hours. they came back fed me rotten food, and then made me drink 3L of water. they then took me down blindfoled me and put me on a flagpole in the school. i had to wait until someone came to get me down. i was in a wedgie for a total of 37 hours.
by anomuss January 02, 2012
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