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A wedgie is a common prank among teenagers in which the victims underwear is pulled up their back and is wedged between their ass cheeks. Wedgies are normally performed by cool guys who wear boxers on uncool people who wear briefs or tighty whiteys.
There are many different kinds of wedgie. A wedgie from the front, thus squashing the testicles is known as a melvin. A mervin is a wedgie, usually performed by two people, from both sides. A north, south, east and west wedgie is a wedgie from all four sides. A wedgie in which the victim is left hanging from a high up object i.e a coat hook or fence, is called a hanging wedgie. A wedgie where the victims underwear is completely torn off is known as a ripper wedgie. A wedgie in which the attacker jumps up and down to make the underwear wedge harder is known as a sky high wedgie.A wedgie where the victim is dragged along the ground by their underwear is a dragging wedgie. A wedgie where the victim is wedgied and then spun around is a flying dutchman wedgie. A wedgie where a pole is placed through the leg holes of the victims underwear and spun around is a propeller wedgie. A wedgie where the band of the underwear is placed over the head is an atomic wedgie.
My friend apparently use to give me wedgies all the time because I wore tighty whiteys. I now know he was lying because even though we both wear boxers he still gives them to me. One time I was at his house and he went to the bathroom. I wasn't paying attention and before I know it he is in the room giving me a wedgie. This was even when I wore boxers. His mom asked what was going on and he said nothing. I was sleeping over in his house that night. We were playing truth or dare and I chose dare. He dared me to do whatever he said all night. I said I'd do it because if I didn't it was ten kicks in the balls. I didn't realize his parents were away all weekend. He said i had to let him do every kind of wedgie on me. I had to let him do it. He gave me an atomic wedgie so high it went under my chin. it was soooooooo painful. Then he gave me a hanging wedgie. He did it off the basketball hoop in his back yard and then he started throwing things at me. He made me go home the next day and get all my boxers so he could give me more. He gave me a ripper wedgie in my favorite pair (My white American Eagles). Then he gave me a propeller wedgie and a sky high wedgie. It was horrible. The most pain though was when he mixe three different wedgies. A hanging wedgie, an atomic wedgie and a melvin. He hung me off a coat hook with my boxers over the back of my head and my balls were absolutely killing me. He let me down after like two hours. Then h said he would only make me do one more. He made me strip down to my boxers and then gave me a hanging wedgie of a tree in his front yard so everyone could see. I got him back though because last time my parents were away I dared him to do everything I said and I gave him the same treatment but a million times worse!!!
by The dare revenger January 30, 2009
When the underwear is yanked.
Today, I was standing in line at school, when two seniors came out of nowhere, one came to the front, one came to the back. They both grabbed my underwear ( which were 3 sizes to big, since i had to grab my older brothers while rushing for the bus), and gave me an atomic melvin and an atomic normal wedgie. both sides reached above my head, and i was lifted off the ground. They tied off the tops and put a belt around me and the flagpole. Everyone saw me and it was humiliating. Since then i have been a daily reciever of wedgies.
by wedger October 10, 2009
When someone or something pulls on ur underwear very sharply and it wedges in between the buttock cheeks.

Types:When given wedgie then hung is called Hanging Wedgie. when a underwear band is pulled up over ur head and stays on ur forehead is called a Atomic Wedgie. if the underwear is ripped it is called a ripper wedgie. if the underwear is pulled from front it is called a melvin. if the under wear is pulled from both sides its called a mervin.
I was hanging out with my neighbors when i saw one of them sagging so ik gave them a wedgie. the ripper wedgie to be exact so then he later came gave me a hyanging wedgie on a post in my backyard. my parents were gone on trip and it was during spring break.
by Thomas12345678910 May 29, 2008
when a friend or foe grabs the back of your underwear and pulls up
locker rooms are a common place to find wedgies.
by wedgie reciver December 04, 2005
the punishment for nerds, geeks, and the uncool given by someone cooler where their tighty whities are pulled up very high from behind while they are wearing them
i gave the nerd a wedgie and then hooked his tighty whities on a post and left!
by big boy111111111 March 14, 2006
the proper punishment for nerds; when someone yanks your tighty whities way up while you're wearing them an atomic wedgie is where they get the elastic over your head, a hanging wedgie is where they hook your briefs onto something and leave you dangling in the air, a melvin is a front wedgie that splits the wedgie getter's balls in half, a mervin is where they pull your briefs up on both sides. these are all things you should try on your brothers. its funny
one time a wimp pissed me off so i gave him a wedgie up to his ears. after a few minutes i hooked him on a hook and left him there. he leaves me alone now
by random person11111111 October 25, 2006
Classic wedgie- When somebody grabs a nerds breifs or tighty-whities and yanks them with heavy force.

Atomic wedgie- When the underwear's waist band is pulled up over the victims head and onto the nerds forehead

Nuclear wedgie- when the underwear is pulled over the victims head but not over

Ripper wedgie- When the underwear is ripped

hanging wedgie- When the victim is hung by his underwear and lifted off the ground.

sky high wedgie- when the victim is ung on a very high object such as a flag pole or a tall tree

superman wedgie- when the wictim is flown around by their underwear

melvin/mervin- when the underwear is pulled up from the front.

ive gotten all of these wedgies in the past ouch!!!
by wedgied September 28, 2008