When someone pulls up your tighty whities causing extreme pain.
I was on my way to class when a bully came and grabbed me. He was a senior, so he had a car. He pushed me into his car and locked the doors. He took me to this old barn behind his house.He tied me up and made me call my mom to say that I was at a friend's house.(so she wouldn't get worried)He then grabbed my clothes off me until I was only in my underwear. He left and got 13 or 14 other seniors. 5 of them grabbed my tighty whities and pulled them up over my head. He then tied me again and taped me to the wall. They took pictures of me. Then he untied me and hung me from a lamp on the cieling. My undies didn't rip so I just hung there, crying.They started to grab my butt and twist the cheeks. It hurt really bad. They laughed and spanked me for about 10 minutes with planks. Then, they let me down and took me to the barn's bathroom. The toilet and sink were dirty and old, but they still worked. They pushed my still wedgied butt onto the seat and pulled my undies over my head again. This time, though, they pushed my undy covered head in the green toilet water. They taped my head so I couldnt get my head out of the toilet. They ran out and the farmer found me a day later. He even laughed at me too. Then he yelled at me to get off his farm, so I got up and left, not realizing that I was only in my underwear. I was walking down the highway when I realized . I cried on the side of the road until a car picked me up and took me home. I thanked him as I got out, but when I turned around I saw him cracking up as he drove away.I still have a clear memory of that painful wedgie.
by Marvin "Loser" Thomas January 15, 2008
The act of having one's tighty whities (briefs) or boxers yanked up and down until they are securely wedged between one's butt cheeks. Usually done by males as an act of embarassment, pain, initiation, fun, or a sign of power.
John gave me a wedgie that was so big, I had to dig the tighty whities out of my rear for hours !
by WhiteyWearer November 02, 2005
a wedgie is a classic prank. when a person comes up behind a person wearing tighty whities and pulls up on the elastic as hard as the giver can. wedgies are mainly given to males who wear tighty whites and can be done to wearers of boxers. there are many types of wedgie. when the underwear is pulled over the victims head is called a atomic wedgie. this one is usually done by two people of pulling both sides of the underwear up is called a mervin. when the victim is lifted up by his tighty whities and hung on something high so not touching the ground is called a hanging wedgie. the lifting of the front of the underwear crushing the balls is called a melvin. the action of pulling up on a males jock strap makeing the back strapes go up the butt crak is called a jock wedgie
one day i was changing afetr practice i was the last one. but i was still in my jock strap. one of my teammates gave me a powerful jock wedgie. just casue i beat him in the wrestling tourment.
by craig 159 November 22, 2007
when someone grabs you by the underwear (usually briefs) and lifts them up. examples as atomic wedgie, hanging wedgie, jock wedgie, and others.
i was in 7th grade. i was changing in gym. someone took my shorts and hid them. i was standing there in my fruit of the loom briefs. i was soo emberrased. then sjme k id yelled WEDGIE soo 6 kids came around me and gave mea huge wedgie that hurt soo bad!! it took days for the pain 2 go away. T.T
by bryan heartyly January 16, 2008
a punishment for all losers, geeks, and nerds who wear tighty whiteys
I and some buddies (all seniors) were in the locker room when we spotted the three biggest nerds in the school. They played W.O.W. all day and talked about it at school. We noticed they had tighty whiteys. All five of us seniors dragged them to the toilets where we gave them swirlies. Then we gave them bondage wedgies by duct taping their hands and feet together after stripping them down to their underwear. We gave their underwear a strong yank each and then heard the P.E. teacher coming so we threw them in the supply closet (nobody goes there). We only had one period left so we knew they was "safe" there. The teachers didnt noticed their absence because we had huge classes.After last period we got our victims and threw them in our car. They were still wedgied and duct taped (and still only in they undies). We knew their parent were away so we took our time. At my house my parents were gone too, so the torture began. We gave them some real bad wedgies. From atomic to jock lock. Then we drew dicks on their face with sharpie. Then the GRAND FINALE commenced. We then duct tapped bags of warm water on their hands so they would piss themselves silly. We hooked one nerds underwear to the flagpole and left him up there. The other two were duct tapped together in a sexual position (one humping the other). We placed the gays in a park where the cool seniors hung out. We took tons of pictures!!! The flagpole nerd cried and pissed himself all day and we fed him a laxative. We did the same to the homo nerds and they crapped and pissed all over each other. I salute Freshman Friday!!!
by TheSenior September 20, 2009
noun. a prank in which the victim's undershorts are jerked upward so as to become wedged between the buttocks
"That wedgie tore up my boxers!"
by DaSwede March 15, 2005
when a bully sneaks up on a nerd and yanks up their undies so it really hurts
a whole group of bullies snook up on me and pulled up my undies then they took my pants, then they stuck my arms down the leg holes and tied my arms and leys together and then they hung my undies on a thick tree branch giving me a huge wedgie, and it was above a huge mud puddle so i was hanging on the tree branch for about 5 hours untill my underwear finnaly ripped and i fell in to the mud puddle.
by dorkywedgiegrl23 January 30, 2008

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