A wedgie is the condition when someones underwear gets stuck up their ass naturally, or by someone pulling it up there. Wedgies are done usually to nerds who wear tighty whities. However it can be done to people who wear boxers to, and of all ages. Wedgies are done as an act of dominance, to torture somone, for sibling rivalry, or just friends messing around.
When I was younger I used to wear tighty whities. Supposedly, because of this my brother would wedgie me all the time. I think it was just because he was being a jackass. I have proof to since now I wear boxers, and he still gives me wedgies all the time. One time he had his friend over, when I was about 12, and he was about 15. I was laying down on my bed watching tv, when my brother walked into my room. I was immediately suspicious. He walked over, and jumped onto me before I hardly had time to move. He was pinning me to the bed, when his friend came into the room. He screamed, "Hold him down!" So now his friend was pinning me down as he reached down my pants and grabbed the waist band of my tighty whities. He yanked them upwards with both hands. His friend laughed, saying "Your brother still wears tighty whities," mockingly. My brother replied, "Yep, my goal is to rip them all." He continued to yand away while I was screaming in pain. Finally they were about half way up my back when my leg holes started to show and he yanked at those. I could hear my underwear starting to tear as he yanked more violently. My underwear was at the back of my head, when my brother thought of a different idea. He had his friend let go and lifted me up by my underwear hanging me up on a hook that was in my room. he tied my hands and feet together with some rope and they left me there. I hung for 20 minutes before it finally broke, and I was still tied up for a while with underwear jammed up my ass.
by average joe the 53rd March 07, 2008
When someone pulls up the back of your tighty whities, causing them to ride up your butt crack.
The school bully saw me in the lockeroom with my tighty whities so he pulled them up as high as he could. They ended up over my head and covering my eyes. He dragged me outside where we had recess and tied me up. I couldn't pick the wedgie and when I tried he spanked my visible buttocks with a stick. Everybody formed a circle arond me and the bully and started laughing and cheering. The bully took the undies off my head but then hung me by them on the chain link fence. Recess ended and it took 4 hours for a teacher to find me.
by M. Moca August 31, 2007
when someone comes up behind u(or in front) and pulls up on ur underwear. if done on the front of a male it will crush there balls providing entertainment for u and embarisment for the reciever.
i gave myself a wedgie befor in my basement. i tied my underwear from a support beam and jumped. my underwear didnt rip so i hung there my balls hurt so bad not to mention my ass and i hung there for an hour befor i tried to get out of it finally i riped throught the underwear but the shourts were also tied and i ripped through those and had to hide in my basement for an hour naked befor i could be sure of no embarasment getting to my room.
by hotty July 14, 2006
When someone yanks upward on your underwear. Usually done on weaker people or done in a group to average/stronger people. It induces a large amount of pain towards the crotch/ass. Incredibly painful and there are a large variety of techniques. Hurts more if the reciever of the wedgie is wearing tighty whities (briefs). As tidey whities tend to take longer to rip(escpecially Fruit of the Loom and Hanes), and they stretch farther. They're also harder to un-wedge, and go deeper into your crack. Opposed to boxers, which rip easier, easier to un-wedge, and don't irritate and hurt as much.

Boxer wearer's tend to pick on a tighty wighty wearer through the wedgie. The wedgie is also a common locker room use. Should someone be shown to wear tidey whighties (briefs) then they should be the victim of many wedgies into the future and beyond until everyone seems fit.
"I wear tighty whities and while changing in the locker room, a student saw me and screamed out TIGHTY WHITIES! While I tried my best to change, a rather large guy, grabbed the waist band and yanked up incredibly hard. I was immobilized and 4 other guys came and yanked upwards as well. My lower area was burning incredibly and I couldn't stop it. ALl 4 of them spit into my underwear as they yanked, giving me a messy wedgie and causing much pain and irritation. They finally stopped and took my stuff leaving me in nothing but my thong-ed out briefs. Ever since then, I have been the victim of many unfortunate wedgies."
by Wedgie victim June 07, 2007
When someone sneaks up behind and pulls your underwear up your crack, causing an intense amount of pain. Usually given to dorks wearing tighty-whities by cool guys wearing boxers because tighty-whities stretch farther, don't rip as easily, and dig deeper into your crack. If the person giving the wedgie is strong enough, they can lift you up by your underwear and hang you on something, this is called a hanging wedgie. It can keep the wedgie going, like the bondage wedgie, where the victim is tied up so they can't pick their wedgie.
I tattled on my brother and got him grounded. That night, I woke up to him lifting me up by my underwear. He gave me an atomic wedgie, then duct taped my hands together so I couldn't unpick it. The next morning, I was carried upstairs by my underwear and put me on the floor. Our parents were away, so he still wouldn't undo my wedgie or untape my hands. Later, my friend came over and did untape my hands and undo my wedgie. We planned to sneak out of the house, but my brother caught us just as we were leaving. He hauled us down to the basement and gave us hanging wedgies on a coatrack. This time, he left us up there until our parents came home. I never tattled on my brother again!
by Klare February 29, 2008
A prank in which the victim's boxers or briefs are pulled higher than they should go.

There are many wedgie variations, here are a few:

Hanging wedgie: When you or a victim has been wedgied, then is hung on a place where they cannot get down.

Atomic Wedgie: The wedgie generally shown in cartoons. Where your boxers are pulled up and the waistband goes around the head. CAUTION: This is very difficult to pull off.

Melvin: A frontal wedgie. Do not do this to a guy, it could ruin their sex life for enternity.

Mervin: When both sides of the underwear are pulled high. Usually done by two or more people.

Gang Wedgie: When a group of people attack you and give you as many wedgies as possible. It is very common to leave the victim in a jock lock so that he cannot get out.

Bondage Wedgie: When you are tied up and wedgied. You are tied up to try to keep you from picking it.

Scarecrow Wedgie: A hanging wedgie when you have the leg holes of the boxers on a pole. Then you stick a shirt on the poor victim so he cannot get up and leave.

Ripper Wedgie: Perhaps one of the most painful. It is called ripper because the boxers rip. It can also be called a Cosmic Wedgie

Lucky for me that I have never been wedgied.
My brother gives me Atomic wedgies all the time. Once he hung me on a hook in his closet and left me there for two hours. When he came back he started taking pictures.
by Nyaruma January 26, 2007
what happens to all: nerds,geeks,dorks,preps, rich kids,freshman and brief weareres. A person whom usually wears boxers will usually pull the victims underwear (usually briefs) up the victims crack. If the victim fights back at the giver, and the giver loses, then the giver must switch underwear with the victim and then be given an hanging wedgie
Today in gym class the seniors gave all the freshmans wedgies in the lockerooms, even the freshman wearing boxers. The seniors then hung each and every freshman on a locker and kicked them in the balls several hours, and left them there.
by aeb1 October 05, 2006

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