When one's underwear rides up their butt, usually resulting in a skidmark.
I sniffed her panties after she had a wedgie, they smelled great!!!
by me September 19, 2003
Type of Bicycle ridden by balancing on a small, hard piece of rubber known as a saddle. This type of bicycle causes several problems which include the following:
Wrist pain
Shoulder pain
Neck pain
Back pain
Saddle sores
The above problems are not present on a recumbent bicycle.

Also known as a Diamond-Frame (DF) bicycle, a UCI bike, an Upwrong or a Upright bike.
I saw a guy riding a wedgie.
by 'Bent Triker December 27, 2004
When one grabs the waistband of another's underwear and pulls with an upward motion to cause pain....though most people find them nice and pleasing
Jhon:have u ever had a wedgie?
Jake:Yeah....have u
Jhon:Yeah I kina like them
by the broken one💔 April 23, 2015
A wedgie is where your undies get pulled up and stuck over your head
I had a wedgie yesterday
by Kai Blitz April 16, 2015
When someone (usually a bully) selects a victim and pulls their underwear up from behind with great force, resulting in pain to the rear end and humiliating the victim. Many variants exist, though the basic form is grabbing the waistband of the victims underwear from behind and pulling them upwards.
In high school I received many wedgies from this popular kid a grade above me. He would usually hold me in the air and bounce me by my tighty whities until I cried. Often cornering me when I walked into the bathroom, he has given me wedgies so painful I wet my pants. This happened five times freshman year and basically destroyed my social life. Wedgied suck!!!
by Rappunk799 March 31, 2015
A wedgie is when someone grabs the waistband of your pants and pulls them up. This only occurs if you grab their pants, not their trowsers
I was out with my mates and we were all dared to sag our trousers really low. I dropped my house keys and bent over to get them when my buddy Ollie grabbed my boxers and pulled them up to my sholders. Worst thing was, they wouldn't rip. I am 18 so you can imagine the ball-crushing pain I was in when my lucky red pants were yanked as high as they could go. That was my first atomic wedgie.
by Hero In Breifs March 21, 2015
When your underwear goes up your buttcrack
Ooh I have a wedgie said Jessica
by #jessica November 18, 2014

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