The act of where your underwear is pulled between your ass, causing pain!
He grabbed my thong and dragged me around the floor by it, causing a painful wedgie!
by sexi bex December 15, 2005
When a bully sneaks up on someone, amd pulls there underwear up making their butt hurt like hell.
I was taken into the boys locker room (I'm a girl) by some bullies, they gave me a swirlie, and hung me by my undies in the locker. And we just had lunch so when they came back I had pee'd my pants, and I was humiliated. Then they hung me on the flag pole. When my undies ripped i fell into a mud puddle! Ever since then everyone gives me wedgies. Even the nerds!!!!!
by Wedgie dork February 12, 2008
getig your underwear pulled up your butt
like on nickoladens all that jack dena
get a wedgie
by isreallongoria October 20, 2003
n. 1. An upwards pulling of the underwear from the back, given by a bully. The victim might then be hung by the underwear from a fence or a hooking device of some sort.

n. 2. An unintentional sticking of the undergarments between buttocks. Can be the result of sitting on a bike for too long, wearing a thong, or, in the case of girls, those fricking uncomfortable pads.
1. Dude, I'm so fly; I gave Paul Martin a wedgie.

2. S.O.S. My thong has given me a wedgie. I shall now proceed to descend the stairs while subconsciously picking at it.
by Leesh April 29, 2005
formerly known in Canada as a Gotch pull.
Generally painful and humiliating, considered an excuse to hand out a serious shit kicking at recess or after school;
As bad as noogies.
Whoo whee!! I Just gave a wedgie to Stupid Stacy McDonald!!!
Dumbass Fuck!...
by J. Michael Reiter November 07, 2004
When a real pal grabs you by the back of your underwear and gives a good yanking.

Classic use can be seen in: The Mask.
Oh, he ain't pretty no more.
by Yavo November 13, 2003
When your ass eats your underwear and/or pants, depending on how hungry it is.
Man, this wedgie is so far up my butt, I can taste the fabric.
by mecaro October 16, 2005
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