When a real pal grabs you by the back of your underwear and gives a good yanking.

Classic use can be seen in: The Mask.
Oh, he ain't pretty no more.
by Yavo November 13, 2003
When your ass eats your underwear and/or pants, depending on how hungry it is.
Man, this wedgie is so far up my butt, I can taste the fabric.
by mecaro October 16, 2005
Getting your thong yanked from the back
god that wedge hurt not as bad as an ass stinging hanging wedgie though
by Zelda March 27, 2005
When a woman pulls a wedgie, she inserts her fingers into her butt crack to pull out her pants and panties.
There are few things I enjoy more than watching an attractive female pull out a wedgie in public. Living in Puerto Rico, where females wear tight pants and have perhaps have a different notion of public/private space, I am not deprived. I enjoy watching wedgie pulling.
by Fielding May 04, 2005
The little wedge-shaped things you collect to win a game of Trivial Pursuit.
Let's go for the brown wedgie first, I'm better at that category.
by Jeff R. Allen December 05, 2005
1)To have one's underwear/panties yanked up from behind.

2)The greatest Rock & Roll party band ever to exist on this or any other planet, and found at www.a2zmusic.com
I went to a WEDGIE! concert where they had several of the most bootylicious girlies in the audience get up on stage, and every one of them was given a hella fine wedgie.
by Gordo April 25, 2005
A guitar pick holder that twist locks on the strings of the guitar.
I got my Wedgie from MusiciansFriend.com
by B July 22, 2003

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