when someone pulls up your underwear
once me and my friends were playing at a park in 4th grade, we saw some high schoolers and they played us in a game of basketball, we lost and my friend Rob pissed them off so they gave him a wedgie from the basketball hoop, we couldn't reach him so he hung for about 15 minutes before we finally got him down, it was funny
by ao;asfhoidnfa;ondf September 05, 2008
When ur briefs are pulled up ur crack.
My family tortures me. My birthday present? A wedgie. And tighty whities. Im serious. My whole family comes to my house and gives me wedgies. Then the grand finaly, my dad and brother strip me and then make me put on my dads underwear (which are huge) and then they lift up both sides of the underwear to over my head, lift me up, carry me to my room, put me on my bed (which by da way is 2 hooks to hang my underwear on 7 ft of the floor) and leave me there after duck taping me there
Yep, ive grown used to it.
by wedgiesreciever101 May 06, 2010
An innocent children school prank, performed mostly for laughs. It's based on pulling the back of the underwear up so that it wedges between the buttocks.
As a freshman in high school I was invited to a party in an island with only males and no adults. All the other boys were upperclassmen and many of them even came from other schools to this party, so I thought it would be really cool. As soon as I arrived, they stripped me of my clothes except underwear and tied my hands and arms on my back with duct tape, then they gave me an atomic wedgie and hanged me from a tree by my thighty whities and then they started kicking my balls and hitting them with baseball bats and sledge hammers. I cried all the time and they took pictures of me and also recorded it with a camera and broadcasted it live through the internet with a webcam while they wanked and came all over me. This lasted many hours and I passed away several times because of the extreme pain, but they kept waking me up by injecting me adrenaline. They left me hanging there for one week giving me water and feeding me with their cum, so I was forced to pee and crap on myself all this time. Finally they left the island and three days later I was found by a fisherman when I was almost dead. I never told my parents about it.
by MastermindX July 19, 2009
The act of grabbing a person's underpants and lifting them high above your head....while that person is still wearing them.
That last wedgie really damaged my O-ring, I'm telling Dad!
by Bunta August 12, 2003
When your boxers are pulled up into your asshole
Peter got a wedgie so hard in the changing room that it ripped his boxers and gave him a boner and he cummed himself
by PJLono November 06, 2011
when someone pulls up on on your underwear causin it to go up ur butt
On my first day of highschool all the freshmen boys got hanging wedgies in the locker room. i didnt because i had upperclassmen friends. thank god.
by Wyatt Mathews^^ September 27, 2008
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