When your boxers are pulled up into your asshole
Peter got a wedgie so hard in the changing room that it ripped his boxers and gave him a boner and he cummed himself
by PJLono November 06, 2011
when someone pulls up on on your underwear causin it to go up ur butt
On my first day of highschool all the freshmen boys got hanging wedgies in the locker room. i didnt because i had upperclassmen friends. thank god.
by Wyatt Mathews^^ September 27, 2008
The act of grabbing a person's underpants and lifting them high above your head....while that person is still wearing them.
That last wedgie really damaged my O-ring, I'm telling Dad!
by Bunta August 12, 2003
When you or someone grabs your or someone else's underwear and pulls up sharply. Usually done by boxer kids on brief wearers like me.
Briefs are comfortable except when in a wedgie!
by Briefboy June 28, 2008
A painful prank for school kids or a great dare in truth or dare.
I admit it. i used to LOVEEEE wedgies. i am a guy, so alot of people think i am weird. well, i go to a private school, where you can only go home on the weekends. some thing my parents came up with. so of course, wiht every school, there is the school bully. And this guy HATES me. He has beaten me up many time and always gives me swirlies in his own poop. and no one ever finds out. he told me no one would miss me if i was gone for a weekend, and he threatened to hit me with a hammer if i didnt call my parents and give permision to stay at the school for "extra study time." the bully stayed to. so it is friday night and i got real scared the bully would beat me up. i was on my bed reading, and he came in smiling. he locked the door. in his hand was duck tape and rope from the craft room. he nocked my book from my hand and taped my hands and feet. he then tied me to the bed, like a leash. he new i like wedgie so he said "you are gonna love this you fag" and he grabbed the back of my wighty tighties and pulled so hard it brought tears to my eyes. he bullyed me all night long. he forced me to smell his feet and butt crack. he gave me tons of swirlys. he said grande finale time. he gagged me with his own underwear (dirty) and stripped me to mine. he then carried me to the basement bathroom. he said no one would find me. he wedgied me so my crack began to bleed. he hung the undies with me in them on a thin wall, so the wall was in my bleeding crack to. he wrapped my body in tape and fed me gallons of water, making me pee and pee and pee. i couldnt stop. this happened three days, all weekend in that wedgie. the janitor found me on monday and screamed at me because he had to clean up the pee soaked floor. the bully still does things to me. nobody cares.
by wedgiedalot June 16, 2009
Punishment for losers.
I was at the changing room of a private resort, and I didn't know that the 'troublemaker' was here. He had beat me in the past, in attempts to ruin my sex life. The guy is fat as hell to. Anyway, I was in boxer-briefs that were way to big, and he came up behind me and grabbed the front and back of my underwear. He slammed me to the ground, still holding the wedgie. He dragged me over to the urinal, and it was full of dark yellow piss, and it stunk horribly of piss. He told me I had to slurp it all up or he would squeaky-clean wedgie me. I said no way, so with all the strength he had, he stretched my underwear to string size and flossed my ass. I screamed like a girl and began to cry. Then he took off my underwear and showed me the smears of my own shit and blood. He stuffed the shitty, bloody underwear in my mouth. Then he took off his pants. His saggy ass was right over my head. He spread his asscheeks apart and stuffed my face between them. The rancid smell was to much. I could not breath. Then he started farting. I could feel it spraying little bits of shit on my face and in my mouth and nose. I thought he would stop, but he went as far as to force an enormous shit out onto my face. It smushed into my eyes nose and mouth. He ran laughing, leaving me laying on the floor with my face coated with his shit, and my ass bleeding out, crying so bad it was hard to move.
by facefullofshit March 22, 2009
To forcefully elevate the waistline of your target's undergarments to well beyond their standard operational limits. Primary objective is to induce a state of embarrassed mortification in the target, but secondary objectives can include forced skidmarks, anal friction, and distended testicles
If that little spastic even thinks about coming to sit at our table this lunchtime, I'm going to wedgie him so badly that his arse will think it's being strangled.
by irreverent August 04, 2006

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