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a dice dare that involvs having a set of dice and haveing a list of dares labelled 1-6 (or more). a wedgie dice dare just meens that the dares are wedgie and pain/pleasure related.
wedgie dice dare

roll the dice (1) first and then go and get the stuff cuz u might not have it all and probs wont want to go out an d get the stuff.

Girls and boys:
1-wear a stretchy thong in ashoulder wedgie until it breaks completly of you
2- puke in tighty-witys and and give yourself a perminant wedgie for 2 days and u cant go to the toilet or have a shower.
3- have a thong (g-string) soaked in alchahole and get 2 people to give u a skeeacky clean wedgie until the thong breaks!
4- watch 40 mins of porn while mastrubating then shuv a dido up your pussy and your ass, get someone to spank you with something painful for 30 mins then take dildos out and put a pair of grannie panties on and give yourself a nature wedgie (see on until uderwear breaks
5- bra connection wedgie for 5 hours
6-spreed crunchy penut butter on your privates, wear a thong thats been covered in jam (anytype), and strapsome peices of bread to your boobs using duct tape and go out like that (nothing else on except a pair of high heels) and ask everybody if they could give you a wedgie or spank you.

i hope you like this ( i know its quite female based but you could wear tighty wighties for number 4)
by fnutter September 12, 2010
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