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(1) One who ONLY wears wedges or espadrilles
(2) One who ONLY gives "wedges," the abbreviation of "wedgie"
(3) One who simultaneously ONLY wears wedges or espadrilles and ONLY gives wedgies
A wedgetarian predator must have violated me last night! My undies are up my butt and my favorite wedges are missing!
by Ninalena April 07, 2009
A person who only cosumes food in wedge form and will refuse to eat anything not cut into a wedge. He will eat things like potato wedges, apple wedges, pea wedges, or burger wedges.
John only eats potato wedges, and is therefore a wedgetarian.
by mfsk February 14, 2010
Someone who seems to be continually removing a wedgie from their ass cheeks.
Usually a short bald headed numpty of ethnic origin, probably has a large handlebar moustache and wears cuban heels. Don't be alarmed if you see this person driving a big pimped out car or checking out your mates ass, not to mention inviting her out for dinner etc!
God, look at Paresh - he is a RIGHT WEDGETARIAN!
by Baby Girl77 May 17, 2006