The semen left on the hand of your partner after a hand job.
She went to wash her hands. I gave her a nice wedding ring.
by Freddie February 21, 2005
Top Definition
n. A magical artifact that provides the wearer protection from receiving oral sex.
It's not just a wedding ring, it's a +5 Ring of Protection against oral sex.
by SkidMarkyMark May 25, 2006
A tourniquet worn on one's ring finger.
John's life hasn't been the same since he got married, it's like that wedding ring has stopped him from having fun.
by Xcluxive April 12, 2007
A broken condom wrapped around on a male partner's penis after the completion of vaginal intercourse by an unmarried couple in fairly serious relationship; or thereby, resulting in unexpected pregnancy leading to marriage.
"Last night, I was banging my girl, and I cummed in her not knowing that condom was busted."

"That sucks, man. I hope that wedding ring is not gonna chain you down with that girl."
by Nubo March 26, 2008
an object that will stop things from putting out.
thay sould use a wedding ring to stop the bp oil spill from putting out all that oil.
after he put that wedding ring on, i heard he stoped putting out.
by ramonski2 June 13, 2010
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