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male genitalia

Often used to alert caution about them.

Tackle is just an old fashioned word for equipment so it's the gear a man will need on his wedding night - he hopes. It's nothing to do with fishing or lures at all.
As the nurse placed a bowl of steaming hot soup on his lap, the old chap exclaimed, "Mind me wedding tackle, dearie!"
by Yeoman O' The Guard March 01, 2013
Male genitals.

The tackle is a fishing reference.

Especially seems to be used when the male genitals are in danger. (Similar to how the english refer to their "Crown Jewels")
I came around the side of the house and there was a pitbull headed straight for my wedding tackle!
by lukeod May 20, 2005
a reference to the male genitals as a lure for a mate, much like fishing lures are referred to as fishing tackle
My wedding tackle got tangled up in a bush.
by Ugly Dave August 29, 2007