(n) a dirty bomb
I heard Bush now wants to look for weapons of ass destruction on Uranus.
by BeardedFatass February 03, 2004
A fat ass chode
"They declared Chris's chode a weapon of ass destruction on May 14, 2001"
by Kristen December 03, 2003
A Big Ol Getto Booty
Damn that girl got a weapon of ass destruction. She can blow be any time
by sheena October 01, 2003
weapon used that destructs your ass. how much clearer can you get? its pretty self explainitory.
oh, watch out for the explosion, he's gonna use his weapon of ass destruction again.
by da cheeseballa September 04, 2003
a loud or extreamly volitile fart usualy resultion in the destuction of the farters ass
bob-"What The Fu*k"
by guest August 29, 2003
What you get when you eat Taco Bell food.
That burrito I ate three hours ago turned into a diaarheal weapon on mass destruction.
by Chihuahua August 24, 2003
alt. Chung Uk
an object that will mutilate an ass via multiple passes with a 'pulverize' function, usually with a phallic object
fuck that chilli felt like a chung-uk
by Wan King Way September 05, 2003

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