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term parents use when a child wants something and they don't say yes or no. Usually means "no", but sometimes it means "yes"
Child: "May I have a puppy?"

Parent(s): "We'll see."
by Karen Stickney January 06, 2007
An adult was of saying "NO."
Boy: Mommy, can I have my own life?

Mom: We'll see.
by jimmy o'neil October 04, 2009
It can just simply mean the person is undecided and will make their mind up nearer the time.
I'm watching Napoleon Dynamite next week if you're interested.

Yeah maybe, we'll see :)
by Tina The Llama June 14, 2007
"We'll see" is how women say NO to guys they aren't attracted to.
Did you want to come visit me?

I dont know, we'll see.
by scuba steve September 18, 2005
Saying used to avoid a direct answer, which is most often no. It was first used many years ago by the child created when Jesus, Confucious, and Ghandi gang raped Fergie.
Boyfriend: Please can we watch the game tonight, i've seen this gossip girl like six times
Girlfriend: We'll see