Used on many online RPGS to bypass the filter. In trying to say, "WTF" Or "What The Fuck"
WDF!! LOLZ1!!!1 OMG!!??//!1

*Insert Non-Caps Word Here*
by Not wat0rted January 22, 2005
Top Definition
Another way of saying "What The Fuck" but some people prefer saying WDF as in "What Da Fuck".

meWDF i lost my keys
thiefhaha u bastard u werent careful enough
by Masa July 16, 2004
Used in many MMORPG's as something to bypass the filter. Used by mainly angered, or stunned people.
User1: "Wdf dude, you stole my account?"
User2: Owned.

User1: "Wdf, my sister vomited on my books"
User2: "ROFL!"
by Claytan January 01, 2006
Ghetto version of "what the fuck" ... WHAT DA FUCK?
Male: Wanna have sex?
Female: Yes
Female pulls down pants*
Male looks down at penis on woman
Male: WDF!
by ayeayeayeayeayeayeayeaye July 17, 2010
Wat da fuk
Wdf r yu doin 2 her
by NAJ1234 February 13, 2009
wine dine and fuck
do you do wdf
by rincia July 10, 2014
An MMORPG term for: "Whatever drops first."

After slaying unique pixels or "bosses" in various MMORPGs, a specific item from a random total pool of items may appear. When desiring certain items and seeing possible alternatives, one often wonders which might be better suited for them. It is then someone may say "WDF" as a response, suggesting that the item that appears first should be used, instead of their alternatives.
Person 1: "Would you take item1 or item2 as your item of choice?"
Person 2: "WDF"
by dahfahseehr April 30, 2007

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