Slang for - what about you. Used on instant messaging. May also be - w.b.u
Yes I'm good thanks, wbu ?wbu what about you w.b.u
by doubleSentertaiment February 19, 2009
Top Definition
Chatspeak for 'what about you?'

Sarah: How are you?
Jennie: I'm good, wbu?
by Bouncing Rat November 14, 2007
What bout u
Maya: hey I'm done with the home work wbu?
Nila: eh almost
by Unicorn style May 01, 2016
someone who likes cock, and has severe interest in a cock.
Person 1: Hey jake, hows it going?
Person 2: Nm andy, wbu?
by regonaros April 29, 2012
The word WBU has a mysterious past, no one knows what it means only when to use it.

Now, the "Gamers" (People who play computer games) use the word WBU as a word for asking what the other person has been up to the past few days.

I can finally tell you the word WBU stands for;

Jon: Hey there
Mark: Hey dude, wbu?
Jon: Not much, chilling, u?
Mark: Been partying woo
by Midgento March 02, 2008
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