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Calling card of rich, white corporate execs.
Tony came into the room donning a $4,000 suit and equally expensive shoes. A tie that would choke the economy of an African village. Shades so expensive the sun goes behind a cloud.

Paul entered with equally money-sucking clothing.

They looked at each other, one putting his eight-grand-suitcase on the table. Then, calmly, cooly, they exchanged customary greeting:



Each "wazzup" backed by exaggerated tongue lashing and finger-hooking gesticulations. With it out of the way they quickly got down to the importance of TPS reports and this quarters profits.
by Cag February 15, 2007
25 45
A form of "What's up?" or "What is up?", which means, "Hey, how's it going? How's it been? How are you?"
"Hey, Joe! Wazzup?"
by anonymous September 05, 2003
276 68
the Budweiser slogan, where drunk people call eachother on the phone and go "WAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZUP??" and expect no responce.
*Picks up phone and calls pothead friend* "Hey Billy, WAAAAZZZZZUUUUPPPP*
by Staycie July 05, 2003
215 86
An annoying way to start an IM convorsation.
Started by Budweiser and Scary Movie spoof.
See also sup
"Hey John"
by Julien G. July 19, 2004
126 74
A slang greeting. It is "What's up" shortened. A greeting to ask someone how they're feeling or what they're doing.
"Yo. Wazzup, homie?"

"Nothin' much, my man."

what's up
by chickennug4evr June 19, 2013
2 2
short form of "what's up"- simplified as a form of greeting, as in "hi."
hi B.J
wazzup LeRoy
by Kimloai October 16, 2010
17 18
a word used to say "hi how are you" in one (its amazing isnt it) 2 for the price of 1.

by Clizzark January 07, 2008
25 31
1. A horrible way of selling beer.

2. A horrible way of selling beer by which you also introduce pop culture diahrrea to millions of Americans in a matter of seconds.
Commercial: Wazzup?

51 63