To have a fit or to get worked up about something.
"Dont Have A Wazz Man!"
"John's Haven A Fucken Wazz Bout Nothin"
by ViJaY March 24, 2005
To Piss, often used by characters in Coronation Street as they can't say "Piss" at 7.30 on National telly.
"I'm off for a wazz"
"You've got wazz all over your hands"
by Sev. July 27, 2006
slang term for methamphetamine
That is some killa wazz. Lets get wazzed out. Anybody got any wazz?
by Diggitty February 16, 2011
a termed used at princess yachts for referencing "grinding".
ear boys, i's gonna wazz up the side of the hull. back laters
by mr. senior management January 09, 2008
A multi functional word, much like shit or fuck which can be used to describe feelings, situations objects etc.
It can be supplemented by several suffix's to increase it's use.
the ingenious thing about this word is it is nonsensical and therefore inoffensive provided you discount all previous supposed definitions
"i feel wazzed"
"That's a big load of wazz"
"stop wazzing that up"
"What the wazz is that"
"I wazz"
"They are Wazzing"
"She Wazzed"
by Tim Loud February 20, 2008
A common name for male ejaculatory fluid.
1. Rickter was so horny that he beat off and got a steamy load of wazz on the couch.

2. Steven loved the movie so much he wazzed in his popcorn.
by Jason9 November 06, 2006
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