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your ass
havent you seen over the hedge
look at that girl's wazoo. OR
shit came out of my wazoo.
by JennyJacksoff November 26, 2007
79 74
A prophylactic that is placed on scrotum/testes during intercourse.
Mary: "So how did it go with John last night?"

Caroline: "The sex was amazing, but his spermisized wazoo caused a disgusting rash on my taint."
by Concubine Courtney March 04, 2010
26 46
The dimple located between the vagina and the anus on many slutty girls
Oliver: Hey so I heard you were hooking up with Sarah last night... did she make you lick her wazoo?
Steve: Yea... I don't wanna talk about it
by woojoe7 February 18, 2010
15 37
1. your giant wang

2. your ass

people argue about which is true
1. u suck the big wazoo

2. up your wazoo buddy
by jizzle dizzle October 14, 2005
38 68
1. any opening in the head that can make and or hear sound.
I had lines from thats shakespeare play coming out my wazoo!
by Shanee` May 23, 2008
5 38
A cute way to say i love you.
say it backwards and its oozaw
em: " i wazoo so much."
toast: " oozaw."
by emzils July 21, 2008
3 43
Virile member
We'll get along just fine if you keep your hands off the Old Wazoo
by Cornholio August 21, 2003
22 63