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(Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay Gay)
1.To be and/or act extremly gay, to the point were normal speach cannot describe you.

Maria: Ew, your brother joey is a little weird

Kelly: I know... he thinks he's some great actor, and he writes these emo poems that suck.

Maria: Oh my god, he is like waaaay gay.

Titi Olga: Bitch, hop off my word. I am the creator of way gay
by Kellyyy P March 21, 2007
So utterly gay, just seeing it/him/her makes you want to quick drink a six pack of PBR and fire up a Harley just to erase the utter gayness from your mind
Man, you just admitted to being a sit-down peer? That is waygay!
by TNutZz August 09, 2007
The combination of white people playing reggae.
White + Reggae = WayGay
"I saw this great reggae band playing last night."
"Were there any black people in the band?"
"Aw, that shit is waygay."
by jahrastafari42 February 04, 2010