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When someone goes into a salon to have something waxed and doesn't get what they expected.
Someone has an embarrassing waxident when they ask for a bikini wax, and then realize too late that the waxer has started to do a Brazilian.
by jbpi February 21, 2008
What happens when you leave your surfboard in the car on a sunny day making all of the wax drip to one side into a big glob, thus ruining the perfect bumps your took months to establish and making your board stick to the inside of the boardbag.
Scrape that schmeg job off your board, you've had some kind of waxident!
by Colman February 29, 2008
When you make a mistake in the workplace and get your ass waxed by the boss. You've had a waxident.
My deadline was Tuesday at 5pm. I missed my deadline by 2 days. My boss called me in to let me have it. I've experienced a waxident.
by JenMo August 05, 2010
An adverse reaction to a wax job to remove unwanted hair from the body. results in unattractive and repelling red pimply spots.
i cant show you my pussy, ive had a waxident.
by jason10 April 21, 2006
Used in the Marijuana Concentrate subculture to describe a mishap or accident when dabbing wax.
"Yo wtf happened!?!?"
" I burned myself with the nail...."
"Oh, you had a waxident"
by genericlongboardname May 29, 2015
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