what you put on the bottom of your snowboard so you can actually move down the fucking hill
I really need to wax my board, Im riding on the base dude!
by kinky lil freak March 20, 2005
1. to kill, to murder

2. (dated) an outburst of anger
If they didn't wax him then, god knows when they would have another opportunity.
by The Return of Light Joker May 17, 2011
Code name for sex. To be penetrated, or to penetrate one of the opposite gender.
Hey mark?, wanna wax?
by jaxtapox September 10, 2007
Basically meaning "cool", "outrageous", or just downright "boshank".

Originated from a mispronounciation of the word "wack", and should be accompanied by sticking up your littlest finger.

originated early 21st Century, Surrey England. A. Scanlon & S. Neal.
Hey man, that is absolutely wax, you waxin' mofo.
by Proffessor Myukki Brainsponge April 26, 2005
Things/words you do not wish in your ears. Gossip,lies and such.
Shelley "Oh did I tell you what I heard about Susan"

Craig "That shit is wax. I don't care"
by frogbones August 10, 2005
used to describe a perfect person, like a wax statue. someone who is an all rounder, good looking, good personality, the works..
"see that guy, he's a wax"
"sam is such a wax"
by Tara March 19, 2005
waxing intellectual style
talking on the real
by sassy sf girl July 06, 2003

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