stuff you put on snowboard bases or rails to make your board faster and protect it.
i waxed my board up before bed so i could be ready to ride some fresh right away when i got up
by brendan March 19, 2005
Hair gel, especially of the Dax brandname. e.g. Dax Wax
Put some wax in that hair, man
by Dr. Funkenstein March 19, 2005
a protective coating for your car.
I waxed my car today so the elements would not destroy the paint.
by Mikey March 19, 2005
A block of wax that is rubbed onto kerbs, rails etc to make you slid along better with your skates/skateboard.
"Yo dude, i'm gonna go wax this sick kerb."
by Kier14matrix March 19, 2005
male hair goo for butch (crew) hair cuts
Wait, Myrna, turn in here at the corner drug. I need to get some butch wax before we go to the prom.
by Richard Black March 19, 2005
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