WAXER & WAXING & WAXED is a term in Far North QLD used by travelers from all over the world as a code so there mum and dad don't find out there having sex ...
WAXER is a horny person trying to get sex

WAXING is when you are having sex

WAXED is when you have just had sex

by 2q2bstr8 September 06, 2009
stuff you put on snowboard bases or rails to make your board faster and protect it.
i waxed my board up before bed so i could be ready to ride some fresh right away when i got up
by brendan March 19, 2005
To eat someone else's leftovers.
Tony waxed the rest of Barbi's Doritos.
by A-Town42 April 24, 2007
A block of wax that is rubbed onto kerbs, rails etc to make you slid along better with your skates/skateboard.
"Yo dude, i'm gonna go wax this sick kerb."
by Kier14matrix March 19, 2005
a protective coating for your car.
I waxed my car today so the elements would not destroy the paint.
by Mikey March 19, 2005
1. to kill, to murder

2. (dated) an outburst of anger
If they didn't wax him then, god knows when they would have another opportunity.
by The Return of Light Joker May 17, 2011
1)Act of removing hair
2)Sticky goo
"wax that cunts eyebrows now!"
by cathal March 21, 2005

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