People seem to think to "wax" something or to "wax" someone is strictly to fuck or bust a nut. "Wax" also means for a male to perform fellatio on a female. To eat out the ass and pussy is to wax the whole shit; for example:
Male: "do you like to get yer pussy and ass eaten?"

Female: “I like my whole shit waxed.”

Male: “Word.”
by NyNiCk June 21, 2004
To defeat one's opponent in a convincing manner, particularly in a contest of speed.
Yo, check billy-bob trying to race me in his Saturn. Shit, I could wax that p.o.s. hooptie in second gear!
by Winston Smith March 19, 2005
To jack up, screw up or otherwise make something inoperable.
That guy got a virus and it totally waxed his system.
by delphi3 January 12, 2006
To 'wax dat ass' is to fuck someone.
"Man I gunna 'wax dat ass' later on."
by Diego August 11, 2003
to fuck or to have sex.
"hey girl,lemme wax it!"
by dabernak May 14, 2006
stuff you put on snowboard bases or rails to make your board faster and protect it.
i waxed my board up before bed so i could be ready to ride some fresh right away when i got up
by brendan March 19, 2005
Hair gel, especially of the Dax brandname. e.g. Dax Wax
Put some wax in that hair, man
by Dr. Funkenstein March 19, 2005

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