refers to butt sex where the male squeezes and rubs the females butt repeatedly, as if waxing somthing
"wax that ass, boi!!!!"
by super-t October 25, 2005
Top Definition
to fuck in a great way
MAn ima wax dat ass like whoa
by tom March 11, 2004
you are ready and willing to have sexual orientation with a member of the opposite sex
" yo man , leave your girl, we gotta go "

" bro, you do u and imma do me , and im about to go wax that ass!"
by Joe Plumber November 07, 2008
Meaning to beat someone horribly


Intending to beat someone horribly
"Yo Jake, Im about to wax that ass in Madden"

"Bring it on man"


"Dude you just waxxed that ass"
by threethirtycrew December 13, 2005
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