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Masturbating with silicone lube. Feels awesome but requires soapy water as part of cleanup.
He's going to get caught on one of those bathroom runs after a Wax and Wash.
by kmfrayed February 17, 2012
While performing Anal sex, Ejaculate inside of your partner. Then Urinate inside of the vagina to clean off.
I took my girlfriend to the bedroom for a Wax and Wash.
by Faytkiller September 23, 2014
The act of having heterosexual intercourse while the female in on her period. When finishing, man pulls out blood covered penis (waxed) and has female suck it clean orally (washed)
Travis: "So, did you do anything crazy last night?"
Donald: "Yeah, I gave her the Wax and Wash!"
by Old Harp Rivers January 25, 2012