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a nickname for urinating on someone or being urinated on as a sexual act.
Dude I tell you, Cynthia and I hooked up last night and she's big into waterworks.
by GuitVP August 11, 2012
When somebody starts balling their eyes out crying. Probably because your an insensitive jerk =)
oh boy... here come the waterworks
by Percy!!!! June 10, 2006
A crying fit.
Oh, did that offend you? Here come the water works!
by Supercords July 14, 2012
Slang for a Hitman,
Like I need some "Water Work's" done for my wife she's been a bitch lately. You Can find some good "Water Works" company's on the internet
by Water Worker April 12, 2014
a sexual innuendo refering to a woman
Mike: "hey you see claire today?"

Ted: "yea she can get the water works"
by kris williams May 20, 2008