water spouting out
im a fat fagtard
by kingbling July 23, 2003
Top Definition
Something that has something and or nothing to do with water and or wind.
13:07 <Tessio> Antman if I'm on the beach, and a waterspout turns towards the beach, I'm not going to be yelling "EVERYBODY! It's now a tornado!!"
13:07 <Tessio> I'm going to be yelling "EVERYBODY! Run the hell away!!"
by Shorty87 July 21, 2003
A natural occurrence that takes place when clouds get unnecessarily thirsty. The clouds create their own "straw" and begin sucking up water from the nearest large body of water. It closely resembles a tornado.
Person 1: "Dude, is that a tornado over the ocean?"

Person 2: "No, its a Water Spout. The clouds are just thirsty"

Person 1: "Oh"
by Hey, Its my pseudonym! July 10, 2011
A crappy word for Tornado on water.
.retaw no odanroT rof drow ypparc A
by Antman July 22, 2003
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