a word that refers to an incredibly stupid statement and/or including the word 'watermelon' or any other related fruit.
Person 1: "I might go pick up a book on how to read."
Person 2: "Dude, stop watermeloning. Come have some fruit and yogurt."
#watermelon #watemelon #watermellon #fruit #water #melon #stupid #intelligent
by Skitzo Dancer A April 05, 2008
Top Definition
verb: When you hold a girls legs apart and begin to vigorously eat her out until said female orgasms all over your face leaving it covered in in the sweet vagina sauce, it is called this do to the resemblence to eating one of Gods greatest inventions, the watermelon.
Dude i totally caught Logan daydreaming of watermeloning Taylor.
#eating out #sex #fucking #love licking #fruit
by NOTalexguebara...maybe April 14, 2010
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