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pertaining to much much habitual sex, paralleling the chorelike and promiscuous nature of 'watering' organisms pertinent, but not limited to, the kingdoms plantae, protista, and fungi.
'gee i am so sore from so much action!'
'pshh man i wish i was watering the plants like you'
by jajamoneralover August 01, 2008
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Usually used as an excuse when somebody wants something done.
Jackass: wanna come over later?
You: ............Watering the plants
Jackass: alrighty.
by James K. Bitch August 03, 2008
Urinating outside , for the benefit of the plants who don't get enough water
Dude A: "I thought you needed a piss ,isn't there a line"
Dude B: "na, I just went outside and was watering the plants"
by ronifer b March 07, 2015

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