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To have water squirt up your orifices against your will or consent.
When you are going down a slide at the water park, you have water shooting up your orifices.
by buckethead February 25, 2005
1. To combine a watermelon with a grape.
2. To pop a whole in a watermelon, insert male genitalia inside said hole, and make sweet sweet love to said watermelon. Also known as 'juicing the melon.' Afterwards, make a refreshing glass of lemonade using the watermelon-covered genitalia as a wooden stirring spoon. Note: This must not be consensual sex.
Person 1: Naha, sucker. That lemonade was a product of waterape!
Person 2:(projectile vomits)
Person 1: Gross, I guess I shouldn't tell you what that sandwich you ate was made from.
by fagmuffin February 23, 2005