(correct definition) When a girl fills her mouth completely with water and proceeds to suck your dick. You then blow your load in her mouth and give her cheeks a big ole smack and pop that mofuckin water balloon. Hilarity ensues.
I water ballooned my girlfriend because she lost a bet and now she isn't speaking to me but I don't give a shit because I water ballooned her.
#zoonotalaire #wanktuary #water balloon #dome #head
by fittNasty April 13, 2009
Top Definition
The sexual act of a male inserting his penis into the anal cavity of another individual and when penis has fully penetrated the recieving anal cavity, the male begins to urinate and continues until relieved.
After an entertaining movie and pleasant dinner, Jim asks Kendra if she is interested in coming back to his apartment. Kendra hesitates at first but then Jim quietly whispers, "I'll give you the meanest, hottest, and longest Water Balloon you've ever had." Kendra quickly agreed.
#urinate #anal #cavity #sexual #insertion
by Ken Mayhew October 21, 2006
A secret codeword for condoms, used in times when the word condom is not suitable for use. Such as in the company.
John: Hey, you got the 'waterballoons'.
Matt: Oh yeah!
#waterballoon #condom #water-balloon #penis #vagina
by Digital Native November 22, 2009
overly jigily breasts
Those water balloons are going crazy
by milk man November 09, 2003
You're fucking a girl with a condom, when you blow your wad in it take it off and smack her with it. Thus pissing her off but giving yourself a very good laugh.
Oh my god i got brittany with a water balloon last night.
#condoms #wad #balloon #sucking #blowing your wad
by Josh Quail November 21, 2007
While having a hot docking session, you have the other guy pee inside your penis and then undock, you then quickly pinch your foreskin in order to make your penis look like a waterballoon.
While Marcel and I were docked, Marcel had to pee, and he wanted to undock, so i said hey foob just waterballoon me.
#waterballoon #waterballooning #docking #water balloooning #dock
by spiderlurk3r August 04, 2009
When someone urinates in your butt during sex.
I'm going to water balloon that chick later. A nice warm stream right in her butt.
#booty #butt #urine #urinate #warm
by Missyknowsall September 15, 2009
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