A person who has a very large head.
That guy's head is so huge he looks like a water baby.
by J.T.J October 02, 2009
The act of becoming pregnant from going swimming. Usually, the bastard comes out deformed due to high levels of chlorine.
"Awwe. What a cute water baby."
"That is a water baby if I ever saw one!"
"I think i'm pregnant.....with a water baby!!"
by bloonsworld July 10, 2008
you have sex in the water!
and 9 months later!
you are pregnant therfore it was a water baby
ie conceived in the water
omg!!! im pregnant. and the last time i had sex was in the hot tub

dude, you baby was conceived in the water!omg you are havin a water baby
by simieandjennie August 11, 2009
Term for a large-nostril black person. their nostrils are so large they can be under water and still breathe, like a hippopotamus.
Hey Tyrone, why you such a water baby, your momma hold you under water too long?
by boyzinblu January 19, 2010
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