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Gods that all water polo players worship when in trouble at games. This is a substitution for god if you aren't catholic.

tes- God that all set players worship if they are put in headlock, or about to get dunked.

eilaog- God that all goalies worship when getting scored on

sreylap dleif- God that all field players worship when they can't stick with their man or keep up with him.

hcneb on- God that all players on the bench worship when their team is loosing or in trouble

hunu hokku- God that the coach worships or prays too every night if their team sucks.
We were down by 4 at our water polo game when I was playing feild so I prayed to the water polo gods, sreylap dleif, and we ended up scoring 5 more goals by 3rd quarter

hunu hokku, my team sucks. please make them better.
by lawltacos November 11, 2010