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A swim instructor or lifeguard that is over controlling.
Man, the lady at the pool today was a real water nazi.
by Senor Fuerte April 26, 2005
An overly aggresive Water Conservation Officer who spreads fear to those who fail to acknowledge sprinking restrictions and fines them accordingly. A real oppressive force.
Ah shit! Here comes the Water Nazi. TURN OFF the sprinkler or he'll fine us back to the stone age again.
by waternazi May 20, 2009
When an owner of a home has a septic tank and makes you moniter your water VERY closely, limits your shower time to 2 minutes, keeps laundrey and dishes piled up hoping for the rare chance they clean themselves

Also lives pertinaciously by the phrase, "If it's brown flush it down if it's yellow keep it mellow"
Mike: Did you see Kathy's house
Joe: Oh I know it was a pigsty
Mike: I wish she would flush her toilets, clean her dishes, and do some laundry
Joe: If only she didn't have a septic tank
Mike: I know it makes her such a water nazi
by qitlookn@m3 March 26, 2009
An employee who will take action if you put soda in your water cup.
"That douchey employee made me dump my coke and get water, what a water nazi!!"
by iamchacho September 17, 2013

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