The definition of the phrase water gun is the male organ associated with intercourse.
Put your water gun on safety, it's firing all over everybody.
Your mother wont be impressed.
by Gerdunga February 06, 2008
Top Definition
Apparently Chris Brown's way of referring to his dick.
"aint no particular one that's getting the water gun, so many that i want"
by token asian girl February 20, 2008
Defines somebody or something that doesn't impress, ore is even under the banality level.
"This weed is such a water gun...where'd you get this!?"

"- How was the game?
- Water time I'm staying home..."

"- Did u see that stripper??
- Water gun..... check out the one on the bar! "
by Papoc August 09, 2009
A term used to describe the lack of muscles in one's arm.

Derived from the word "gun" which is commonly used to describe a very muscular arm.
Hey you! Nice water guns
by Im a Bad Billy. June 26, 2011
biceps that show lack of definition and size
smaller than "guns"
meant as a put down
better than handknives
Martin: I've been working out *flex* They're not handknives anymore :D

Helen: Yes, you've upgraded them to waterguns
by helenmelon May 10, 2006
Any type of syringe used to inject drugs intravenously.
We locked ourselves in the bathroom and squirted each other with my water gun then i grudged her ass for like eight hours.
by The Water Gun Tweaker December 26, 2005
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