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Something found at parks that you can drink out of.
They want to know where the water fountain is.
by David February 16, 2004

A Person who goes around satisfying the sexual thirst of other people.
Usually a man or a woman that will go home with anyone. Akin to "going to a water fountain"
Brad: Did you see Billy last night? The thirst was real.

James: Yeah, and he went home with Sandy. I heard that she did the same with Jack yesterday. she's a real water fountain
by Shelooked18 November 22, 2013
when a woman gushes into the air the same as a volcano (extremely hard to do and if accomplished then the woman is one of a kind also the man would be the highest sex god in the world) this should be a praised move 1 in 3000200 women can do it successfully
she gushed like a water fountain
by tossseer 256 January 13, 2010
When a girl gives a man a blow job and the man finishes inside the girl's mouth. The girl will then snowball the sperm back to the man. The man will subsequently lay on his back while the girl punches him as hard as she can in the stomach. The force of the punches will cause the man to spit the sperm into the air causing a water fountain effect.
Wendy punched Bill so hard that his water fountain splattered all over the ceiling.
by Dave & Heather January 11, 2008

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