Top Definition
adj- the state of being drunk or clearly intoxicated

noun- one who is prone to being drunk or intoxicated
1) To start Bucknell's House Party Weekend early, we are going wastey faced to all our classes on Friday!!!

2) When I'm a senior my life will be worthless and I'll just be another wastey face.
by yeaaaaaaaaaah April 01, 2006
if it's not already self explanitory:

1: a heavily intoxicated individual who is probaly making an ass of themselves by either falling down, knocking something over, or any combination or variation of the two.
Wow, brian just did a swan dive onto the beer pong table... whaat a wasteyface.

"Hey, kate didn't drive home did she?"... "yeah dude, she did"... "DUDE!!! SHE'S TOTALLY WASTEYFACE!!!"
by Xyrojin November 27, 2006
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