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This entry.
This entry is a waste of space.
by furrykef May 07, 2003
1. A person devoid of any redeeming characteristics.
2. Someone who consumes valuable resources without contributing anything to society. A bum. A drain on the economy.
2. Having the qualities of the above.
1. That fat bastard is a goddam wast of space
2. Grad students are such a waste of space
3. I spent the day napping instead of cleaning. I'm just a waste of space.
by cyberpunk42 February 09, 2005
A person or occasionally; an object which nobody is fond of. In fact, most people hate this person/thing and find it completley useless.
" That idiot Pat is such a waste of space "
" This truck is such a waste of space, it just sits here and Pat refuses to do anything with it "
by keeperofthereal14 October 30, 2006
Completely useless people
Reality TV Stars are a waste of space.
by duke97 April 09, 2010
waste of room, usually on computer hard drives, that could be used for better things. also see AOL&junk
man AOL is such a waste of space
that junk in my closet is a waste of space
by Mei Xian April 30, 2003