White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

Typically used to define the anti-minority supremecists like southerners in the 1960s, or anti-catholics. (because they can't or won't understand us).
Jim Crow laws

Know-Nothing political Party

Tourist Gringo
by Tectonicman March 13, 2005
W.A.S.P. = another lame 80's hair metal band.
W.A.S.P. stands for "We Are Shit Pirates".
by : ) have a nice day! January 08, 2005
w.a.s.p... we are scary posers.
Kurt cobain had a W.A.S.P sticker on some of his guitars.
by your mom June 23, 2004
wicked ass sexy prick. new england origin.
damn, that dude's a wasp! yeah, totally.
by Ball Blogger February 08, 2005
White Anglo-Saxon Prodostint. The sterio type of a WASP family is wealthy, white, blonde and preppy.Generally the kind of people you see on wonderbread ads in the 1990's. Think picket fence, a golden retreiver and a lot of baked goods.
The WASP wore her favourite apron and pearls, with her straight blonde hair flicked up.
by bea February 26, 2005
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