w.a.s.p... we are scary posers.
Kurt cobain had a W.A.S.P sticker on some of his guitars.
by your mom June 23, 2004
weird ass shit pluggers
an 80's hair metal band that was gay
by hey it's Mtv's Ass-rammer's Ball January 29, 2005
wicked ass sexy prick. new england origin.
damn, that dude's a wasp! yeah, totally.
by Ball Blogger February 08, 2005
White Anglo-Saxon Prodostint. The sterio type of a WASP family is wealthy, white, blonde and preppy.Generally the kind of people you see on wonderbread ads in the 1990's. Think picket fence, a golden retreiver and a lot of baked goods.
The WASP wore her favourite apron and pearls, with her straight blonde hair flicked up.
by bea February 26, 2005
1980s heavy metal act. Stands for...

"Fuck Like A Beast" is my favorite W.A.S.P. song.
by Labrador May 13, 2004
World Aquanaut Security Patrol.

See "Stingray" Troy tempest and his 'oppo; Phones. Oh yes don't forget the DUMB blonde Marina.
"Anything can happen in the next half hour" boomdiddyboom boomdiddyboom - repeat at will!
by picker June 21, 2004
Washington State Patrolman
"I got pulled over by this WASP, and he gave me a ticket."
by Colorbolt August 18, 2005

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