the term used to describe the people who are responsible for all the ills in society (should MWASP= male, anglo...); eventhough they are also resposible for much of the good
one feminist to a minority: if it weren't for wasp's, the world would be perfect
by robdog073191 May 04, 2005
1980's shock rock band featuring former New York Doll Blackie Lawless.

White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
"W.A.S>p> is coming in concert. Anyone going?"

"My brother's girlfriend is such a W.A.S.P. God I hate her"
by Donna K. March 26, 2003
wet elephant shit packer !!!!!!!
Damn, Michael Moore is such a wasp!
by Wow,Rosie O'donnel October 21, 2005
White Anglo Saxon Protest. Literary use was to distinguish subject from another ethnic category; now primarily meaning non-Jewish.
"Kunkel's hero, 28-year-old Dwight Wilmerding, is a likable, self-conscious doofus, contemporary New York WASP hetero version, .... " NYTimes book review by Jay McInerney, 2005 Aug. 28
by Another Reader August 28, 2005
weird ass shit pluggers..............
L.A. is full of weird ass shit pluggers a.k.a. wasp's.
by Crocadile Dundee October 21, 2005
W.A.S.P. = another lame 80's hair metal band.
W.A.S.P. stands for "We Are Shit Pirates".
by : ) have a nice day! January 08, 2005
White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

Typically used to define the anti-minority supremecists like southerners in the 1960s, or anti-catholics. (because they can't or won't understand us).
Jim Crow laws

Know-Nothing political Party

Tourist Gringo
by Tectonicman March 13, 2005

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