a poor goal in foos (table football). here, a goal is scored which is unpredictable and thus hard to save. The ball must come off several banks and/or players. alternately, the shot must be highly random, i.e shot with the 5 man rod while the ball is moving, or a drag and twat where the person taking the shot (usually from the 2 man) doesn't look for gaps, rather just smacks the ball and scores.
that was a wasp goal

you waspy bastard

if you wasp another shot away, I'll kill you
by Josef ilich Bundy December 06, 2005
A girl who looks like she just rolled out of the Jersey Shore Tv Show. Wasps are usually spotted with an overdose of spray tan, fake boobs, makeup thicker than frosting, frazzled extentioned overbleached backcombed hair, pathetic platform foam sandles, hoochie nails, and way too much lipgloss and purfume. They usually are more concerned with their blackberrys then their friends. Their main goal in life is to have men like them, steal their best friends boyfriends, and have no brains.
When you go out in public be sure to bring some Wasp Spray because those "Wasps" can annoy the fuck outta you!
by awesomebestesthottie June 22, 2010
a society/group.

designed to rid the world of stupid people to make the world a safter, better place.
WASP's job will never end, because of people like George W. Bush and ignorant lazy asses.
by pretty. odd. fan June 14, 2008
though truly standing for "White Anglo-Saxon Protestant" WASP has lost part of its original meaning. WASP really means a rich, new england persons who have a crap load of money. Mansions, money, credit cards, spoiled kids. (The FC CT) Since this is usually referring to the East Coast, and New England most WASPs are usually Catholic or even Jewish. This is due to the fact that most rich people in these areas are not Protestant. That would be in DUMPY ohio
It is possible to be a JAP and a WASP at the same time
by YesiAMaWASP April 25, 2006
WASPs always make sure to present a kind, caring face but don't be fooled; though they adopt every political correctness and seem couteous, they are really the most racially intolerant people you can think of. Their politeness conceals hatred.

They have persecuted virtually every minority that has ever set foot upon America. In doing so they have christened every minority with some racial epithet or another.

Their extreme brand of Protestantism produces a social alenation which manifests itself in elevated levels of neo-Nazism, serial killing and pederasty.

WASPs are an imperialistic people who worship the President, the military and virtually anything antidiluvean. They abhor free love, are innately conservative and are responsible almost singlehandedly for electing that buffoon, George W. Bush.

WASPs are prudish about their bodies and use the names of body parts as insults. Alone among men they have an aversion to the female vagina. Finally WASPs have pitifully low self-esteem and feel threatened by anyone who has more than a modicum of confidence.

Is that clear?
WASPs think sex is dirty.
by Niagara Falls Guy July 18, 2008
A term of abuse and hatred used in high school against someone who never heard the term Anglo-Saxon, hardly ever went to church, and of course, is white. Which Protestant Church to go to is not clear.

The same person might not be invited to a 'coming out' ball for being a Jew, which they never heard of before, either, and then get two invitations a both a stolen a all the attendees at the paaty a appose a be hoes.
"You're a W.A.S.P.!!"

"A what?"

"A wasp!"

"What's that?"

The teacher assigns you to write a research paper in literature on: "The Lost Cause Of The South" and you write an excellent paper and you can see that the grade is an 'A', but she hands it "back" to another girl and the other girl gets a prize from DuPont at graduation because she is supposedly so smart.
by acorn1 September 18, 2009
A term implying that the said person is all white.
(Acronym, From White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, usually derogatory)
Just because I am white does not mean I am a Wasp.
by Light Joker April 16, 2004

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