though truly standing for "White Anglo-Saxon Protestant" WASP has lost part of its original meaning. WASP really means a rich, new england persons who have a crap load of money. Mansions, money, credit cards, spoiled kids. (The FC CT) Since this is usually referring to the East Coast, and New England most WASPs are usually Catholic or even Jewish. This is due to the fact that most rich people in these areas are not Protestant. That would be in DUMPY ohio
It is possible to be a JAP and a WASP at the same time
by YesiAMaWASP April 25, 2006
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White Anglo Saxon Protestant, a historical term describing american Caucasians of early English descent. Politically, refers to high status, influential white males.
"That WASP likes to flaunt his early american ancestry and political influence at cocktail parties and society events."
by nautilus August 13, 2015
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White Anglo-Saxon Protestants.
WASPs make up about 50% of the population of Winter Park, Florida.
WASPs in Winter Park were one of the reasons why Jeb Bush was re-elected as a governor.
by KRHimself May 08, 2004
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1. white anglo-saxon protestant (or preppy white rich guy/ girl, generally in the New England area)
2. wildly amaxing sex pistol (very uncommon, also known as west coast WASP (vegas, guys)
3. white ass sanitary pimp (ie preppy rich guy who's "bad ass"...also called east coast WASP and is only used by some people)
1. That girl is such a WASP! If she was any more anal retentive she wouldn't be able to move.
2. That bitch thinks she's such a West WASP
3. That guy thinks he's so ganster but he's a WASP and we all know it.
by NeverMindXxXx October 24, 2006
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A freakishly tall and extremely thin individual who is so tall and thin that it comes off as annoying much like the wasp which stings you.

It is commonly used as an insult for people who think they are big and strong.

thin poser annoying dick
Cool dude 1 "Check out that thin dude flexing in the mirror"
Cool dude 2 " Yeah he is such a wasp."
by curley-haired-dude September 03, 2011
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1980s heavy metal act. Stands for...

"Fuck Like A Beast" is my favorite W.A.S.P. song.
by Labrador May 13, 2004
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Ok,so if you know the music you know its true!
dont let those politically correct fools blind you, you can read anything into things if you like,W.A.S.P are still a great band to see ,ive seen them, at rock city nottingham and they are still just showmen,vote for me W.A.S.P fans, lets show them what wasp realy means! P.S. DEAR BLACKIE PLEASE SEND ME SHIT LOADS OF TICKETS FOR THIS! HEE HEE
by BIGGYNINE March 12, 2006
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