Women Airforce Service Pilots, WASP, the first women in history trained to fly American military aircraft. These are some hardcore ladies. Flew in WWII and then got pushed under the carpet by generals like Hap Arnold.
Thirty-eight WASP lost their lives while serving their country as military pilots, their bodies sent home in cheap pine boxes at the expense of their family or friends. These heroic women pilots were denied any military benefits or honrs--no gold stars in the window--not even so much as an American flag to drape their coffins.
by Jake July 16, 2004
1 - Wealthy Anglo-Saxon Protestant. This is contrary to popular usage, but removes the oxymoron of "white anglo-saxon," while defining the rich & snotty aspect. Not to be trusted; Migratory hives to appear across the world, but are most common in the North-eastern US. Be advised: bug repellant only agitates, and ends with you being oppressed by thier influence.

2 - Little flying death darts. Kill on Sight, before they do unto you.

That rich little cracker threatened you with a civil suit if you call him a WASP again? Let's go smash his daddy's Lamborghini.
by Faüst January 11, 2007
short for 'what a stupid puss'
Guy 1: I was watching Barney and friends this morning
Guy 2: WASP you are
by roadfighter April 14, 2009
White Anglo-Saxon Protestants.
WASPs make up about 50% of the population of Winter Park, Florida.
WASPs in Winter Park were one of the reasons why Jeb Bush was re-elected as a governor.
by KRHimself May 08, 2004
White Anglo Superior Prick.

1. A person who will get OUT of the shower to take a piss.
2. A person who worries about dumb ass shit
3. Square
4. A pest
Honey, come inside and look at me in my new panties from Victoria's Secret.

I can't right now luv muffin, I've got to Armor All the mud flaps on the Hummer.

Oh My God Stanley! You are such a WASP!
by Hasbro July 07, 2006
we are sexual perverts
Ok,so if you know the music you know its true!
dont let those politically correct fools blind you, you can read anything into things if you like,W.A.S.P are still a great band to see ,ive seen them, at rock city nottingham and they are still just showmen,vote for me W.A.S.P fans, lets show them what wasp realy means! P.S. DEAR BLACKIE PLEASE SEND ME SHIT LOADS OF TICKETS FOR THIS! HEE HEE
by BIGGYNINE March 12, 2006
The WhiteAnglo-SaxonProtestant motherfuckers who still own and run everthing in the country, now with latent prejudice- instead of celebrated belittling of "sub-humans". Enslaved the blacks, kept Jews and Catholics out of their hierarchy and organizations. Made life hell for the Irish Poles Asians Greeks Mexicans ..... any one who is not a WASP. They are pretty good at getting those "below" them in hating each other as well.
Some WASP told me my last name didn't sound American.
by Alpino July 10, 2008

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