A super-annoying insect mothereffer that is out all summer, unless there is heavy wind. These things are the dicks of the sky and if you see one get the hell out of there. Their sting feels like having a hot pin dipped in bleach and putting salt on the wound.
Did I mention they can sting more than once?
1. Ah crap, a wasp is nesting in my garage and it's buddies stung my arms 2 times each. I am in so much pain.
by QuantumToaster June 04, 2014
white anglo-saxon protestant. this usually refers to affluent people in the new england area, but also whites of "old money" in other areas throughout the country.
Jenny's comfortable lifestyle of prep schools, homes in nantucket and westchester, and long-line of descendants from the same area made people label her a wasp.
by Jessica April 15, 2004
White Anglo-Saxon Papist. Used by former WASPs who have "swum the Tiber" or "Poped," and who then notice that you don't suddenly become Italian when you do so. Some may object to this usage of WASP, but it accords completely with the fact that WASP-hood is not so much an ethnic identity as a cultural one. The late William F. Buckley, Jr., for example, was a quintessential WASP in nearly every respect. The usage also accords with the WASP delight in wordplay. Some use the term WASC, which is an equally effective acronym, but less fun and hence, less WASP.
When I became Catholic, I made all my Catholic friends nervous with my constant use of wacky nicknames and frequent cracking of verbally complex jokes, so I realized I was now a White Anglo-Saxon Papist; once a WASP, always a WASP.
by Guthlac A February 21, 2010
A freakishly tall and extremely thin individual who is so tall and thin that it comes off as annoying much like the wasp which stings you.

It is commonly used as an insult for people who think they are big and strong.

thin poser annoying dick
Cool dude 1 "Check out that thin dude flexing in the mirror"
Cool dude 2 " Yeah he is such a wasp."
by curley-haired-dude September 03, 2011
A folded up peice of paper that is used to shoot people via rubber band. These are usually used in schools to annoy the hell out of people. The name wasp comes from the sharp stinging sensation it causes when it hits your skin. They are made by folding a scrap of paper about four times and putting it on a rubber band between your fingers and shooting it off.
Boy 1: OWWWW!
Boy 2: What was that?
Boy 1: I dont know but I think someone just wasped me.

John: Hey look! Someone left a bunch of wasps on the floor!
Bob: Lets use them to shoot people!
by bingo382 June 15, 2010
A small buzzy insect, that scares many people. Buuzzzz....
Oh my fucking gawd! theres a wasp! Argggghhhhhh!
by bullet_theory July 05, 2005
Intended as a derogatory term; in the past it was an acronym for White Anglo Saxon Protestant, and sometimes White Affluent Schooled Person. The term referred to a group that was believed to wield disproportionate social and media influence and power.

The new WASP of today is actually White American Straight and has a Penis, as this audience is typically the default normative of most social and media presentations in America today, with all other groups being labeled as abnormal deviations.

Rarely does anyone bother to expressly state that something is created by, for, or composed of "red-blooded American Caucasian males" or "typical American White Guys" because such is the naturally assumed default. However, if the creation deviates from this it will most likely be labeled as such. If something is created by, for, or composed of blacks, foreigners, gays, or females it will almost always be noted because it is a deviation and not the assumed social / media default.
This show is so WASP-y, the entire cast is just straight, white, American guys with only the occasional token foreigner, black person, or gay; and all the female characters only exist to be cheerleaders or love interests. Clearly this show was created by WASP-s for WASP-s!
by Gill Malankhoney February 18, 2012

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