a brand of guitars that are quite nice
dude i got a limited edition oscar schmidt washburn the other day!!!
by hair-ree June 06, 2005
Top Definition
Awesome American-made guitars. More bang for the buck than you get with say a Gibson or PRS.
I'll take my $1500 WI-68 over a $5000 PRS.
by bryan18 August 16, 2005
A town in the state of North Dakota approximately 35 miles from the capitol city of Bismarck. It is the asshole of the universe.
If you drive by the town of Washburn it is imperative that you DO NOT STOP! It will suck you in like a gaping blackhole and will only let go of you when it has to take a dump. You will smell bad and have no personality.
by Aseaoffaces November 27, 2011
A blunt that is rolled with 3 or more grams. It has to be very fat. An 8th is preferable.
Me: Wanna smoke?
You: Yea what u got?
Me: A washburn.
you: Damn you rolled an 8th.
by WashburnRolla January 20, 2012
Someone who deletes a comment on Facebook, especially associated with politics. A washburner will delete comments that prove them wrong, or goes against their beliefs.
"man, he washburned my comment again"
by varsityplayer2009 May 17, 2013
an overwieght irishman who has many kids.
That drunken Washburn sure has alot of kids
by tim April 21, 2005
1. a person who says umm too often
2. a person that is the same as a bowl of oatmeal
Great umm job Katherine umm very umm thorough
God she is sooo washburn

Man, he is like so washburn!

by lalalalalalalala;) November 19, 2006
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